Leaders are known as people who make promises and work towards bringing them to fruition. These promises range from what they are doing, what they intend to do and what they did and intend to replicate. Making promises seems a great way to create assurance in the hearts of people. Those who hear the promises many times build their hopes and aspirations on these promises. When promises are made and fulfilled, it brings joy, but it brings hurt and great pains when promises are broken.

Being a promise keeper is the single most important strategy for influencing behavior and building a strong leadership character. Character is the bedrock of leadership and it’s traits are exemplified through honesty, integrity, ability to inspire confidence, commitment and positive action within a team.

The character of being a promise keeper is an essential ingredient for success. Many individuals have misplaced this attribute and they rather chose to act as mavericks. They believe mavericks can always change their minds, break their promises by making new ones and believing that the end justifies the means. Those who break promises are called different names like Reneger, Piker, Flaker, etc. The act of breaking of promises always result to name calling, confidence erosion, trust issues and relationship breakdowns.

Success is accelerated when the individuals involved associate and work in an environment conditioned by trust, commitment and where promises are taken as bond. As a rule, don’t rush into making promises. Think through those words before you spew them from your mouth and be assured you have what it takes to make the promise a reality. Once you make a promise, work hard to fulfil the promise made. It is unwise and unadvisable for you to make a promise you cannot keep lest you become a renerger, flaker or a piker.

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