The biggest illness most business executives suffer from is the “smartest in the room illness”. This is one sickness that has afflicted so many executives and have made them blind towards their own inadequacies. They get generally threatened when they notice someone with better ideas and they try all they can to thwart their efforts. Do you also suffer from this illness?

How do you feel when you walk into a room filled with several bright and enterprising team members? Have you been in a situation where in a discussion, your ideas seem to be outdated and incongruent with new and fresh insights? Does it make you jealous, inadequate or both at the same time?

To tell who a person is, just look around those they hang out with, their friends, companions and acquittances. You don’t need to be a diviner to predict who they are and where they are going. Staying around individuals who are smarter than you go with several hazards, but it is the best and fastest way to be impacted with result-oriented energy.

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