Decisions are choices made from limited options with
conscious awareness that the chosen path holds

when it goes well and difficulties if it does not. For a
leader, the fear of failure or making a mistake is not
enough to stop them from moving ahead with decisions.

A leader may not be sure of all that the decision would bring
but their resolve to handle the aftermath is a success
streak that compels positive actions. Converting a decision into action requires answering several distinct questions: Who
has to know of this decision? What action
has to be taken? Who is to take it? And what
does the action have to be so that the people
who have to do it can do it? The first and
the last of these are too often
overlooked—with dire results. Peter F. Drucker,
For many leaders, they will swear never to make a mistake
while taking decisions. I have never met an honest leader
who has never made a mistake or admitting to have made
a mistake. I have met so many others who claims all their
decisions have gone right. I always take their statements
as half-truths. Leaders make mistakes and wise leaders
learn from both their own mistakes and those of others,
but it is often better for leaders to learn from the mistakes of others. This is because the cost of every mistake is heavy. The truth about life is that some discoveries were
actually borne out of mistakes. So when you find yourself
making a mistake as a leader, always know that you are
following the path of great Chief Executive Officers and Leaders.

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