Many people view success as a journey on the fast lane where they can achieve all their aspirations and arrive at destination “success” before their friends and contemporaries. To them success is the ability to make things happen and with speed. They are frenetic about activities and they remain disgruntled when their expectations became passive.

What makes a leader rich and what enriches their lifestyle is the attitude of gratitude. Being grateful always is the biggest cure of modern diseases and ailments. We live in a society where people organize elaborate thanksgiving celebrations because they have won a big contract, appointment or have achieved a height in life. They believe that only positive attainments are the reasons for anyone to express gratitude to other people or to God, their maker.

Being grateful is a lifestyle and not occasional demand. It is the attribute of slowing down to reflect and express gratitude to oneself and everyone who has contributed to your well being and accomplishments. To be grateful is to be appreciative of the enormous strength that has helped you overcome the challenges which came your way. It is the acknowledgement of payoffs that came out of efforts made. It is an expression of positive mindset that where I am and what I am is not as important as who I am. It is a way of showing to others that the person you are and have become is the greatest gift to your family, friends and loved ones.

A grateful heart is like a sponge soaked in soapy water. When it is squeezed, water comes out. What comes out of a grateful heart when it is squeezed are thank you, I am most grateful, I appreciate you, I couldn’t have made it without you, you are my boo, etc. These are words which comes from the innermost being of the speaker and are usually laden with heavy emotions.

There is a difference between being grateful and being satisfied. Being grateful takes care of your past and your present while being satisfied is embedded in what your current and future activities will bring your way which will continuously reinforce your gratitude lifestyle. Being grateful is thanking God for your own life and not wanting the life of others whom you consider much more fortunate. By being grateful, we create a new world and words full of fun, happiness, joy and peace. It is impossible to experience true success without being grateful always.

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