I know what it feels like when you are surrounded by people who genuinely loves and celebrate you. They applaud your every move because you mean so much to them. Truth is success attracts attention and draws people to you at every point. It is important to understand why you have succeeded. It is because you created a value that touched the lives of other people in a special way. You can succeed without trying to please everyone. Yes, success means you pleased some individuals, a select few and not everybody. Every successful individual is known for something, maybe one or two and many individuals value them for these accomplishments. Pleasing everyone is not what distinguishes a successful individual. Fighting to win the attention and approval of everybody with what you do will not only make you lose focus but your identity. Those who try to please everyone set out by looking for external validations instead of working on their identity. They make their decisions based on what they think others need to hear. They are concerned about where they live for others to be happy, the cars they drive to gain approval, the circle of friends they keep to win recognition, the careers they pursue to showoff their wealth and the clothes they wear to show their class. They practically live for other’s approval and end up losing their individual identities. To please everyone or make everyone happy is not a goal, because you can never achieve it. Success means doing something unique that gives you reward based on your own values and dreams. While doing it, some persons will be happy while others may be livid with anger. What is important is being focused in where you are going, working towards achieving your plan and making your mark. Being a people pleaser will make you say yes to everything even when your head or heart is saying no. People pleasers are individuals who voluntarily accept to be slaves to other people’s opinions, while burying their own individual needs in their stomachs.

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