Fighters are individuals who challenge the actions of adversaries, whether seen or unseen, and confronts them while defending their interest until they overcome or prevent the enemy from gaining advantage over them. These adversarial tendencies could be physical enemies, bad conditions, inner fears, limitations, pronouncements or ceilings arising from one’s birth condition or those imposed by forces beyond their control during their lifetime.

A warrior on the other hand is an experienced fighter, who has become brave based on victories won overtime. There are some individuals who engage in a fight but are not experienced. Warfare is not only a physical activity but transcends several realms. A warrior is an individual who combines the available strength in physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual or other realms to battle their challenges and upturn events in their favor.

There is a motivation for fighting and that is to subdue an identified enemy or obstacle or defend your territory from occupation. When individuals fight, they deploy arsenals that can help them win their battles. They throw in their best equipment and best trained officers that will help them guarantee victory. They fight to conquer, to gain ground, maintain their hold or ward off aggression from enemy forces.

Fighting therefore is a matter of strategy and not a demand by raw power. To succeed, leaders make war through strategies to win their challenges whether in the market place, in managing their teams or protecting their investment. When a leader fights, they go on the offensive to win more territories, gain bigger market share, strengthen their brand and become more visible. Other times, the fight maybe defensive, with the aim of forestalling the enemy from eroding their area of influence.

A leader should be a fighter with a warrior spirit, never giving up in the face of difficulties. They must rise with courage to withstand pressure, stress and the rigours challenging their efforts without buckling.

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