I once had a fatigue after an exhausting activity, and I decided to travel home to visit with my family. Curiously on this occasion, I made up my mind not to travel with my laptop. I got home, greeted every member of the family and I headed for the bedroom. I needed to rest and have a deep sleep. In less than 15 minutes, my wife came to the room to ask me if I was ok? I said yes but I needed to sleep. After another 10 minutes she came back with the same question. I answered that I was fine. Not too long, she came again asking the same question. This time I was angry and lashed out at her and asked why she was in fact adding to my troubles. Point is I didn’t want her to come back with the same question.

Her next response made me to burst out laughing. She said I had never come home without my laptop, ever. She said she has searched my bag and she can’t understand why I should travel without my laptop except something serious was wrong with me. I couldn’t help laughing and thinking at the same time. First, I explained that I decided to do something unexpected and I wanted to take the weekend to rest. She sighed and said thank God. She said, “each time I and the kids see you on your laptop, we practically go to another room because you are too engrossed with the laptop”. I never knew that my lifestyle was creating a barrier between me and my family until I did the unexpected.

Nothing kills creativity and enthusiasm like a routine lifestyle. Don’t be too adapted to a way of life and refuse to try something new. To blend into what exist is not creativity. To discover a new result, try something unexpected and constantly keep your team guessing about the new project or initiative to be introduced. Do what your peers will not do to rise above them in your career. Always learn to rise above your peers by discovering the secret of doing the unexpected. The best way to go about it is to ask yourself, what do people expect of me? What are the things they don’t expect me to do which could truly shock them if I do them?

Do the unexpected; give out gifts, close the office for a week, go on vacation, do volunteer service, go to school, try a new sport, take a cruise, read a book, write a poem or a book or do something out of the blues. Kill boredom and its twin brother called routine. Rediscover your life and do something crazy, something unexpected.

To get fresh ideas, do the unexpected, the things your peers and competitors will not do. Find out their weaknesses and built strength from them.

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