To use your time wisely simply means be in charge or control of your time by making investment out of it instead of spending it on things that don’t count. Using your time wisely is not the same thing as being busy. Fact is, you could be very busy, but your time is undeservedly wasted because the things you were engaged in were not part of your schedule neither are they the things that will advance your course or career.

The phrase use your time wisely sounds like an advice but it is actually a principle that guides an individual through life. What you get in life depends on what you commit your time into. Surprisingly, many individuals are confused with the results of their lives because they don’t get the results others seems to be getting. A close examination of their daily routine and audit of what they do with their time reveals the reason for their failures.

Time is a great resource that must be invested, preserved, maximized and employed in the pursuit of goals and objectives. There is nothing worth the while that does not require time. Everything whether good or evil requires a degree of time to achieve. Time does not sit but clicks. Time is precious. Any moment lost can only be recovered with double efforts or it will be lost forever. To use your time wisely requires a mastery of what must fill every minute of your day for it to count.

The first thing to learn about using your time wisely is to identify all the activities placing demand on your time. What are the things you spend your time on? Get a paper and list them. Let me also help you by stating the things some individuals spend their time on:

  1. Doing morning exercise.
  2. Prayers and meditations.
  3. Having shower.
  4. Taking breakfast on the table.
  5. Reading newspapers.
  6. Commuting to work.
  7. Spending time with colleagues and customers.
  8. Going to the cinema/parties.
  9. Watching films and videos.
  10. Making telephone calls.
  11. Making social visits.
  12. Reading books.
  13. Playing a game of golf/outdoor games.
  14.  Sitting down worrying.
  15. Visiting family members/friends
  16. Resolving quarrels.
  17. Going to a place of worship for fellowship.
  18. Washing dishes and laundry.
  19. House cleaning.
  20. Taking care of the children.
  21. Etc.

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