The most popular version of the golden rule many people know is the rule that says “treat people as you would like to be treated”.  In the workplace, this is not the operational version of the principle of the golden rule. The operational principle of the golden rule depends on money.  Money makes rules and decides what stay or what should be eliminated in the workplace.

Money is a great subject and nothing has been so controversial in history. This rule has many allies, as well as many foes, depending on which side of the divide one pitches their tent. Enemies have been made and bitter wars have been fought yet this rule holds sway. It is one rule that controls the daily activity of the leader and their team members, yet it is unfading. It controls and affects the lives of all individuals because those who rule are those who have the money, gold.

Money is an important factor of production known as capital or in some cases liquidity. Money defines the size of the accommodation and the workplace. To the business leader money defines their shelter, food, health, comfort, travels, security, luxury, clothing and expenditure profile.  In the company, those who make the rules are those in command of money and they determine where it flows.  Indeed, it is money that rules in the workplace.

Kings are rulers and in most cases leaders. Kings are made to rule over their subjects, who slave and work for their comfort. Modern business leaders are Kings who rule with the rod of gold.  The rod of gold is the authority that decides where gold flow to for impact.

Individuals aspire to be rich or at least comfortable in life. They need a decent job, above average accommodation for their families, a quality and affordable school for their children/wards and a dependable car to move around. Unfortunately, none of these needs can be met by governments or other agencies. The individual is in a lonely position to provide all these comfort for themselves. This is a major motivation to search for the secret of making money. Many people believe that the only way to make money is to work and be hard working all their lives.  The secret for making money is not by working all your life for others.  The reason is that the employee will always be ruled by the employer.  It is important for every young and upcoming person to learn early in life what to place priority upon. To acquire education is a great opportunity but we must acquire the knowledge that can make us count money, instead of counting books. Those who count money always employ those who count books to work for them.

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