Success is a progressive achievement of set goals. To make progress happen, effort has been expended. The effort expended can be in the form of resource deployment. The resources deployed could be physical, mental, financial or otherwise.

Success takes a dint of hard work, commitment and extraordinary performance of team members to happen. When progress has been made, a leader must take out time to honour the architects, champions and executioners of the feats achieved. The leader makes a deliberate effort to identify, recognize, publicly appreciate and praise their contributions to the team for the progress recorded.

Every serious progress made can be traceable to the contributions of a team or an individual. There is no greater force of motivation than public praise and adulation of an employee or a team member who has excelled beyond ordinary parameters. Acknowledgement, appreciation, praise and public celebration is more important and resourceful than monetary reward. It is a pay day for many and it gives them opportunity for their families and friends to celebrate them for their outstanding accomplishments. Honour and celebration is a landmark way to remind performers that their commitments are not in vain but are recognized and appreciated by their superiors.

A leader who always praise their team members and another who keeps finding faults with their own team will never achieve the same result. Honour and praise lifts the spirits of people and creates a high achiever environment while blame and name calling will result in lack of confidence, low productivity and bitter distrust within a team.

Success is a team sport. A leader must look beyond team members in the front line to pick those to celebrate. The team lead may not achieve their targets if the driver who takes them to project sites is inefficient. The secretary who organizes and run the office provides the performance platform that drives the engine room of the organization. The cleaners who ensure the office ambience is in top shape may be the elixir for success. The security personnel who keeps watch over the team to wade off invaders is providing excellent cover for high performance to take place. Even, the Chef that prepares meals for the staff may have stimulated the condition for success.

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