Derek Anthony Redmond is a retired British athlete. He had a brief but successful career as he held a British record of 400 meters sprint in 1985 with a run of 44.82 seconds and a world championship gold medal in 4×400 meters relay in 1991.

In 1992, Redmond at the Barcelona Olympics with a great form and a high hope of winning the race showed prowess when he won the first round with the fastest time and went ahead to the quarter-final race with high hopes. Unfortunately, 250 meters before the finishing line, he tore his hamstring and fell to the ground.

With a firm determination to finish the race, he stood up hobbled and fell down. He stood again and fell. Despite the help offered by stretcher bearers to take him off the track, he began to hobble because he was determined to finish the race. Thereafter, the father joined him and helped him with Derek leaning on him, while he hobbled and crossed the finishing line. He received a standing ovation because of his courage to finish the race. He didn’t win the race neither the gold medal, but he pushed himself forward till he crossed the finishing line.

Success many times suffer severe blows from adverse forces, but the leader must know that nothing good comes easy. They must persist and persevere in their pursuit of their defined goals. The motivation to succeed does not come from external forces. It comes from inner determination, to make a difference by pushing oneself beyond opposing forces and barriers.

You must know that life is not fair and bad things happen to good people. You are going to meet obstacles, difficulties and perhaps misfortune but do not allow any ugly incident to define your life. By every means, keep pushing yourself forward and don’t ever remain in the same position for long. Success comes when you push yourself out of failure and discomfort zones. No matter the blow from the adversary, rise up and struggle again, until you win. Victory happens to individuals who push themselves forward beyond the adverse and unfair conditions of life. Never give up.

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