To be a successful leader, the job of finding a location that fits your dream is as important as the dream itself. Not every place or every man can accommodate your dream. A dream is like a seed and its implementation is comparable to planting a seed in the ground. The same way that not all ground is favourable to support the growth of a planted seed, the same way that not all locations are favourable to the thriving of a dream. Some persons or locations can literally choke your dream to death.

A location can give positive interpretation to a dream and give it a geometric expression when it is favourable. When it is not favourable, no matter how much effort is put into it, the result will never yield the desired outcome. To have a dream is the desire of all men who want to succeed but the thinking process must identify the best location where the dream can blossom and become a sustainable venture.

Every endeavor that leads to success are designed for people who will ultimately benefit from the venture. For a leader, the most important consideration in setting up a business will be to locate it within a hub that has high human traffic. For instance, if you want to set up an automobile servicing company, a city with high number of vehicles will be a better choice instead of setting it up in a village where there are no vehicle owners. Also, when you are considering setting up a creche or a primary school, a high densely populated area will be a better choice compared to a sparsely populated or undeveloped part of a city. This is because no matter how much effort you put into the business, the demand for your goods/service is either very low or almost non-existent and it will take a considerable time before it gains momentum.

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