To succeed in life does not mean you are the greatest thinker. It is only doers who add action with persistence to their thoughts that wins. Sometimes, the mind of great thinkers generate several thoughts at the same time and each of these thoughts are bankable in their own right. The leader may be more confused than ever and may find difficulty in which of these ideas to pursue. Life is easier when you have only one option to choose from but becomes complicated when you have several alternatives. Making the right choice at times like is herculean.

The life of a leader is meaningless without direction. Infact, one of the important qualities of a leader is direction, knowing the way and showing it to their followers. A vision that is not built on direction dies prematurely. It never succeeds because no matter how you service it with resources, it gets scattered in different directions. In the myriad of options and confusion that goes with it, a leader can find direction through the following ways.

1. No matter how big your vision is, start with the smallest and easiest part. Talking to young entrepreneurs attending a Dream it Achieve it class will show you the immense potential of the mind. They tell you exciting plans of what they intend to achieve in a short time. Based on experience, you as leader knows that it will take some real effort and resources to achieve these dreams, but your job is to stoke a fire instead of quenching it. Too much thinking without acting is a deadly trap. It leads to worry, anxiety and sleepless nights. Never fall into that trap. To help these youngsters, proper guidance is required.

First, you teach them possibility mindset and give them reasons why they must not trade their vision for anything else, not even a mouth-watery employment from a blue-chip company. The next step is to show them that there is a huge difference between abstract world and reality. Reality comes in small sizes and to achieve your dreams, you must cut them into smaller bits to make them realistic.

The next is to show them that achievement generates energy. What it means is that if they begin small or with the easiest part of their dream and achieve it, it will propel them to the next smallest part. Achieving successes in succession with small assignments add up to big success in life.

No matter the conviction you have about a dream and the optimism of the dreamer, starting small will help you achieve it faster instead of embarking on it wholesale. You achieve it in bits, and you get motivated to get to the next stage. When you want to build a house, you start from the easiest part of it, getting a design or sketch based on the plot size. Once this is in place, every other action answer to this.

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