When I was a youngster, I used to get beaten for my failure to either do my house chores or class assignments. My guardian/teachers then tried to teach me the sense of urgency, the need to carryout my responsibilities without delays. These responsibilities are of two kinds, those that are time bound that required me to act so they won’t go bad and others which are important assignments that I must carry out even though failure to do so may not result in their getting bad.

My attitude then was not outright refusal to carry out those assignments. I always believed there was time to do it later so why can’t I use the available moment to play? Simply put, I pushed forward to a future time and date what should have be done at a given time. As a young lad then, I always cooked up or have ready made excuses for my guardian, to explain away my failure to carry out those assignments at the right time. What I didn’t understand back then was why my excuses never seem to convince them. Did you have a similar experience, or I am just alone here?

Looking back now, I can identify several reasons why I couldn’t execute those menial assignments which could have been achieved in minutes and sometimes in hours. These reasons range from playing childhood smartness/pranks, lack of focus, playful pleasure, distractions by friends, engaging in acts that were inimical to my upbringing/family teaching, etc.

I will not also fail to mention that the major compliance tool that drove me to carry out some of the menial jobs I did at the right time was the fear of reprimand or the attendant punishment that awaits me each time I failed.

Now that I am grown up, no one punishes me if I fail to do the right things at the right time more than my conscience. I have seen procrastination for what it is. It is the devil itself. You may have heard that procrastination is the thief of time. That is what it is unfortunately. Whatever steals your time has done an irrecoverable damage to your progress and success. Procrastination steals time, energy, achievement, both in the present and future. Anyone who allows his/herself to put away what should have been done at the right time, in the right place with the right people will wake up to harvest disappointment and failures. Do whatever is possible to kill procrastination and eliminate it from your schedules.

You may ask if missing assignments is such a big “crime”? To skip a thing or two a day or sometimes does not mean that the virus of procrastination has infected you. However, regular avoidance or delay of tasks due to distraction or reasons that no one can do it as much as yourself is a serious corporate ailment that you must be cured from, if you suffer from such malaise. The following 15 ways will help you kill the devil called procrastination and overcome its thievery effects.

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