Most Leaders find end to end process monitoring quite challenging. The challenges resulting from this discipline are largely three (3) in nature namely, the execution leadership intrinsic challenge, the external challenge of other people and situations involved in the process and the material challenge of team members.

1. Intrinsic Execution Leadership Challenge:

The personality style and modus operandi of leaders are major determinant factors of end to end process monitoring. The vision, purpose, plan, execution strategy including creativity, guidance and encouragement are key attributes of success.

2. Internal challenges: The velocity of many team members is usually lower than that of the leader. When the gap becomes very wide it creates mistrust, lack of confidence, intolerance and intemperance in the team. This could make the team lose focus, destroy harmony and create internal division within the team. Symptoms of internal challenges include lack of decisiveness, insecurity and defensiveness.

3. External Challenges: These are the most difficult challenges as they have the capacity of derailing the entire program. External challenges take the form of oppositions, bad press, legal and socioeconomic developments, disasters, and public/community revolts.

Improper handling of any/or all of these incidents can impede the delivery of desired results.

1. End to end leadership execution processes identifies and eliminates middle layers or steps that promote failures through optimisation of performance and efficiency.

2. The need to have a dashboard view of what goes on in the different units of an organisation compels execution leaders to put in place some strategic parameters to enable them achieve alignment.

3. The execution leader should assign the responsibility of delegating the initiative to a credible team member who is result focused.

4. The first task of the execution leader is to identify the “unequal success” factor that is critical to achievement of the desired results

5. The vision, purpose, plan, execution strategy including creativity, guidance, and encouragement of a leader are key attributes of success

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