No matter how good a plan is, if accountability by individuals is not built into it, the plan will fail. The team to executive a task is a key component of success. These individuals must be knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in seamless execution and management of resources. There are qualities you must look out for when selecting members of a team and these qualities must exist in a good measure before a choice must be made. These qualities are what I call the 3 Cs of an effective team member. They are capacity, competence and character.

Capacity includes the knowledge, skills and experiences an individual has been exposed to either through formal learning or practice that enables him or her to engage in leadership activities that will envision and build a future that can meet both their needs and those of their teams/followers. Team members must be adjudged on these qualifications and they must exist in quantifiable measure.

Competences are essential leadership behaviors that will translate vision to reality. The competence of an individual is adjudged by results and performance. It is not enough to have knowledge or skills but the knowhow of translating programs to measurable deliverables in a key factor of success. The evidence of competence is performance arising from problem solving and leading a team to success. A lack lustre performance is indicative of low competence. When team members or the leader lack competence, the atmosphere and deliverables of the team will be below average.

Character entails a sense of trust worthiness, a commitment to a moral code of uprightness, integrity and self-demeanor. They are what defined our uniqueness and value system. An important characteristic of a team member is the trust that they will do the right thing. Character can only enhance performance when it is mixed with competence and capacity. Character is only a catalyst for performance. On its own, character cannot deliver a result.

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