The key to preventing your dream from dying is occupying your mind with the thoughts of how the dream can be transformed into reality.  To achieve reality, you must keep improving your mindset through positive thoughts about making your dream come true, getting thousands of people to benefit from it and estimating the value it will bring to society.

Every leader must know that dreams don’t create anything. What creates things is action. Therefore, it is useless to shout I have a dream when you are doing nothing about your dream. Act on your dream. The best time to act is when your dream is hot and your conviction about its realization is highest. At best a dream gives you a mental picture and helps you to visualize. Until action is added to a dream, it remains only as a dream.

To keep your dream from dying you need to constantly talk about it, both to yourself and others through promotional events. Promotion is several activities put together to support your dream, create awareness around it and make a show of it to people around you that you have a bomb looking for somewhere to explode. The way you talk about your dream will generate interest and followership about it. When you can get many individuals to buy into your dream, value comes into it and this can be transformed to a strong revenue stream.

Do you have a dream? Have you taken steps to make your dream a reality? Have you promoted your dream to other people? How did you select the audience you targeted for the promotion?

Your dream will only go as far as the quality of those that heard it and bought into it. If you have a dream that can win the attention of national figures, it will become a national dream. If your dream only wins the attention of below average people, it will become low average dream. To keep your dream alive, get the people that can help you drive it to the highest level. Most acclaimed dreams that were converted to national heights were not the best dreams around. They were only the best promoted.

You can have a great dream and die with it whereas a man with an average dream could express it in the national space for global discourse. The difference is in the promotion and adaptation. Let other people help you carry your dream through your promotion. A dream shared by many will go further and farther than a dream carried by one person alone. How many people are helping you to share your dream? If you are the only one, it is high time you broke away from the lane of failure.

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