I do get fatal blows many times and when it happens, I am tempted to remain down. I do feel my courage dissipating when I face horrible circumstances of failure, betrayal and orchestrated frustrations. Many times, I have enough reason to make me feel like throwing in the towel.

I am sorry to admit that I am not a superman. I have also been looking for supermen/women and I found out that most people do exhibit emotions. The difference is that some use their emotions to inspire themselves to something bigger while others remain deflated. What is your experience like?

I want you to look around you – the environment you live in, your friends, your job, family, associates, colleagues and anyone that has ever treated you specially. It always feels good to be admired and respected by these people. However, no matter how much they have pushed you towards the crucible of success, you can never have a sustainable success except you believe and engage in self-inspiration.

To be self-inspired, you need to identify the attributes you want to celebrate in your life and continually reinforce them. What are the things that make you feel good which you want to be known for? What are your strengths and the ideas that will make you glow each time it is mentioned? Once you identify these key attributes of your life, focus on where you want to take them to no matter the odds. Once your eyes on the goal of your future destination, nothing on earth should stop you. Rather see anything else working in opposite direction as distraction. It is a mindset that defines what one wants, being positive about making it happen through one’s belief and drive.

Be self-inspired about your efforts by looking inwards for the drive to accomplish your external goals. It means being confident in the face of setbacks or difficulties, when plan fails to meet expectation. It is outward display of implicit faith in one’s conviction even when others have given up. It is ensuring that your vision lives and keep advancing when other individuals are giving up due to harsh external events.  

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