Leadership denotes taking action and getting results using highly talented team members. Talent can be defined as anything anyone can do in extraordinary ways beyond the accomplishment of ordinary folks.

It is the task of execution leaders to identify team members or employees with abilities to deliver higher and better results considering the available limited resources. In selecting the right people to execute projects, attention should be paid to good decision making skill, ability to create, think rationally and intelligently, and possession of eagle-eye focus to achieve specific, tangible and deliverable tasks. Research has shown that two critical traits that are helpful to execution leaders are warmth and competence.

Warmth creates a likeable environment and helps the leader to influence other team members towards result whereas competence deals with increasing knowledge relative to skills in kick-starting the process of attracting, selecting, developing and entrusting team members with critical activities, the executive leader must in addition look out for the following key traits in their people, the ability to –

• Work under minimum supervision.
• Keep the team spirit instead of silo-working.

• Paying attention to details.
• Recovery strength in the face of difficulties or crisis.
• Work within established vision and strategic plans of other people and departments.
• Good and dependable sense of judgment

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