One mark of a leader that exemplifies their successful tendencies is consistency. Nothing can be as confusing to a team as a leader that is inconsistently inconsistent, incomprehensible in attitude, misunderstood by their comments and misinterpreted by their followers. Perhaps every leader should press the pause button to ask their followers their respective opinion of their dreams, philosophy and the principles they are promoting based on their individual understanding.

Consistency simply means keeping promises or honored commitments in a way that it becomes the yardstick for measuring the fairness of your actions, decisions and relationship between you and other important stakeholders. Consistency is the binding chain of success that enthrones culture, attitude and performance.

Consistent leaders create consistent results that can be relied upon company wide. In defining consistency, rigidity has no place as a leader can be known for being consistent in many ways like punctuality, innovativeness, combativeness, etc. Being consistent also means sticking to a plan without changing the goals even though strategies may change to accommodate social dynamics. Consistently keeping an eye on the goal helps a leader to achieve the designed results

It is fair for leaders to inspire confidence by announcing their vision, objectives and goals for their team for purposes of alignment. This is very important. While making the point as clear as possible, the strategies for achieving the goals must not be cast in stones or iron. A tweak of strategy while the goal remains the same does not amount to inconsistency. The leader does this by technology adoption, adaptation to environmental and socio-cultural dynamics, legal requirements, etc.  

The leader’s inconsistent barometer can only be said to have hit maximum when the goal set keep changing, meaning vision and objectives cannot align with original plan. Rule your world with your consistent behavior and let your actions create the result you desire.

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