One major disease a leader who pay attention to details suffer from is work overload. They want everything to be done right and they abhor disorganized environments. In their quest to meet deadlines, ensure expectations are met and results are produced, they throw into their assignments everything they have got. The first thing they throw at their assignment is their time, then their entire life until they start experiencing burn out like a candle. These leaders end up skewing their 24 hours in favour of their job, at the detriment of their health and family. Instead of getting relief, they end up getting stressed, becoming sick and developing high blood pressure and depressed due to overwork.

Generally, symptoms of overwork or work overload a leader suffers from include the following
a. Doing so many activities at the same time in the name of multitasking.

b. Divided attention due to too many tasks at the same time, resulting in several uncompleted tasks and inability to meet deadlines

c. Forgetfulness arising from pressure to maintain optimum performance which creates room for omission of vital information.

d. Lack of personal care and inattention to one’s physical wellbeing, healthy living, enough rest, proper dieting and adequate exercise.

e. Poor social lifestyle as the work generally isolate them from their friends and family members.

f. Being too sensitive, irritable and agitated with the tendency of quarrelling over little things that should not warrant quarrels.

g. Constant bouts of headaches, frequent breakdown of one’s health and immune system, high blood pressure, etc.

h. Inability to sleep at night.

i. Dependence on drugs to aid performance.

j. Depression arising from frustrations.

k. Poor concentration and decision making

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