Just one more thing before you give up, if you must. Stand before the mirror, take a good look at yourself and say to yourself “I am a loser”. Call yourself James or whatever your name is, say “I am a loser”.

And wait a minute. Are you truly a loser? What have you lost, your dreams, your life, money, investment, property, relationship, loved ones, name it? Are you truly a loser? Look at you, standing and talking, alive and well. Let me help you understand that losers are people who are six feet down, dead and buried. They all lost against life and healthy living. You are alive and kicking. You are not a loser but a person who seeks to change things around them. Stop crying and wailing and get going.

Yes, you have not won all your battles, but you won many that others are dying to win. You have not met your mark, certainly you are nowhere near where you used to be. You are getting better each day. The only person who seems not to recognize that is you. You have lost many things, but you have not lost all. You have a chance to begin again and recover. You can climb back to where you used to be and even gain greater heights. So, why do you want to quit or give up. Never forget that quitters never win, and winners never quit. Quitters have no success story to tell so don’t surrender your dreams. Inside it is a big successful story.

Look at that mirror again and see the beauty that you are. Look at your eyes and your teeth. They are amazing. They look splendid when you smile, so smile at the beauty that you are. Tell yourself, it is not over. It is not over yet, because you are alive and still standing. It is not over yet because you have got what it takes to withstand the next challenge. It is not over yet because you can still make a difference.

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