How does a leader get result without losing the people

It can only happen when the leader makes the people the centre of all execution initiatives by making them know that they are the ultimate beneficiary of the results. This happens through the following ways

a) Making team members the context of the execution plan: This create emotions, identity and imposes the responsibility of being a major player in realising the result on the people.
This can happen if leaders engage team members on what precisely they think the program is meant for.

Once there is that connectivity of the people in the program context, the level of performance will significantly improve.

b) Let the program benefit start from the bottom: A successful execution plan comes with both result and benefits, be it performance or rewards or credit. When this happens, let the need of the bottom people and team members be first considered before those of the executive team. When this is done, it evokes the emotions of selfless leadership which in turn generates greater performance from the people.

c) Run programs that are all inclusive and non discriminatory: Execution is a team sport and every participant is a winner, irrespective of their locations. In bringing about initiatives and turning expectation to results, both the frontline and backline people should get opportunity to share and celebrate the attainment. Mutually exclusive policies that are discriminatory in nature should be avoided.

d) Build a strong connection and social support system to help actualize dreams: People find things that unite them and form bonds of friendship and connectedness among themselves. In promoting environment for fun, relaxation and social networking, the leader and team members use informal messages to drive home performance culture by building support, friendship and interdependent contacts/bonds that can be relied upon for greater organisational effectiveness. The social support
system should help employees actualise their dreams by building a strong connection and mutually benefiting relationships away from official duties to help develop bonding and unity to work, and function as a team.

e) Remove Barriers: The systems and structure that drives execution can function maximally, if barriers that restrict self-expression and diligent execution of the people are removed

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