Many team members under the belief of not “rocking the boat” or fear of not “supporting executive initiatives” prefer to go along with discourses by stating and restating what the leader prefers to hear or their preferences. This is a total exhibition of classic deceit, as this stifles creativity, demonstrate yes-man ship and a clear denial of reality. Leaders must realize that dialogue is the core of execution culture and it must not be stifled.

Leaders must imbibe and promote the habit of “truth over harmony” to provoke constructive criticism, new ideas, candid expression of opinions and new possibilities in place of formal discourse and conversation. Robust dialogue help team members to openly express and test their thinking in front of their colleagues and superiors.
No matter how intense the process of robust dialogue becomes, the execution leader must come out with the following

a) The take aways which are issues or initiatives where general consensus has been built.
b) The plan to execute these initiatives.
c) Assignment of responsibilities to team members.
d) Identification of the initiatives which require further rework.
e) The date, venue and time for a business review or meetings to further discuss the issues, consensual

action plan and evaluation strategies to enhance transformation of aspirations to reality

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