Anyone who ever told you that success is a sprint, or a dash does not know the true meaning of the subject. Success is neither a destination nor a position you sit or occupy. It happens in perpetuity for it to remain success. Back in history, there are accounts of several persons who were regarded as successful at some point but could not sustain their progress as time progresses.

The journey of continuous success demands that you keep setting new goals after achieving the previous ones. There is no room to seat and eulogize, if not others will catch up with you and overtake you. So long as you are alive and well, the success of yesterdays is not good enough to sustain the realities of today and tomorrow. As you achieve one goal, begin to envision another and make it your focus. When you achieve that, envision another and make succeeding in succession your lifestyle. Don’t break the chain of succession success. Make succeeding in succession your lifestyle and you will be successful.

I have a lot of friends who love the game of football. They know the different formations and strategies of renowned coaches. Many of them are so endowed with predictive skills and they can tell albeit accurately the outcome of several matches. Most of the time, they engage in talk shows. Have you ever wondered why the ball is not left inside the goal after it is scored? You hear one, two, three, four or more goals but you only see one ball. This is because the players rush into the net, pick up the ball and kick it to their team mates or the opponent and they place it at the center to start another round of play until another goal is scored.

Every player in the game of football knows where the goal is located. Every of their effort is usually directed at the goal. Any player while working for his team and continuously kicks the ball away from the goal of the opponent for no justifiable reason will soon be removed from the field of play. A player knows that he has maximum of eleven obstacles between him and scoring a goal. S/he does all they can to evade these obstacles and get a goal. After scoring, s/he struggles to score more goals or prevent the opponent from scoring because a goal is halfway the success journey. If the effort is nor sustained, the goal can be cancelled out, meaning success has taken a reverse motion.

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