1. Discipline typically means a trained condition of
order and obedience which a leader uses to finish whatever he/she starts by following systems, procedures and processes.

2. Discipline involves the use of personal character to perform a task to meet established expectation putting time, effort and other resources into a game plan in order to get exceptional results.

3. In getting the result, action sequencing is carried out based on priority of what must be done first, what comes next and by defining rightly the task to be done, by who, where and when.
4. Leadership warmth creates a likeable

environment and helps the leader to influence

other team members toward result whereas

competence deals with increasing knowledge relative to skill.

5. The executive’s first responsibility is to define the culture that should regulate their activities, next is to build a performance based standard and finally create a set of beliefs and assumptions used in modelling an acceptable behaviour to create cohesion, identity and drive performance.

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