Leadership Programs, Systems And Structure That Promote Change

What are your dominant leadership programs?

Is it insourcing or outsourcing?
In many circumstances, most leaders look for outside talents to fill open vacancies either due to inadequate

leadership programs or seeking for low wage talents to replace departing experienced ones. The key to implementing excellent execution leadership is having a leadership program with system and structural forms that had the potential of exciting and driving performance among team members and followers. The goal of a leadership program should be to develop and prepare the people that will be responsible for leading and responding to change as change is difficult when poorly managed. These change agents, must be tooled in the process of adapting to change initiatives and preparing action plans to reinforce the initiatives.

What the above means is that it is the leader’s job to identify the “change corps”in their organisation and equip them with leading and responsive techniques to aid transformation of systems for better performance.

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