Leaders Focus – The Change That Secures Planned Result.

No organisation rises beyond the leader’s dominant programs. It is usually a great feat to execute change that gives outstanding results. What the leader who is on a mission for change does is to contextualize the program of change by aiming at the pillar that engineer change for better execution. Three pillars that change the focus of organisations for better performance are

a) Leadership programs, systems and structure.

b) The operators of the systems and structure.
c) The processes that carry out the different types of change.

Leader’s choice of business initiatives whether transitional and/or transformational form the frame work for the three pillars of change as listed above.
The systems structure comprises of the organisational structure, hierarchical relationship, the technology and essential output (services or products). The operators are mainly the people, their culture, beliefs, values and attitudinal orientation. The processes on the

other hand are the various rules, activities, guidelines and actions that are inter-related and involved in the realisation of the business goals and objectives. In mapping out transformation initiatives, the execution leader must identify the key issues in these 3 areas that can promote the needed results.

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