The Operations Of The System And Structure

Leadership programs, systems and structure exist to provide oversight, tools, methods and instrument of ensuring aspirations are turned to results. Leaders use leadership programs, systems and structure to focus and get a handle on influence, plan, activities, people and other resources being employed to change performance from the mundane to the desired. By focusing on these areas, expectation are aligned to make its

actualisation achievable through effort (input), measurement and efficient delivery. Efficient delivery includes minimizing cost of people and resources needed to deliver results from promises through process reliability, error elimination or people related issues.
Every execution leader must know that there are no same people at the same place everywhere with the same set of beliefs. There are always people with different set of values, diversities, skills, and a variety of styles which are totally different from the ideal the leader cherishes and guards jealously.

So, the leaders’ first program of change should be vision alignment with corporate goals, using the diverse resources.

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