Indecisiveness is a decision process in slow motion, where a leader is either confused or finds it difficult to state what they want with definable terms. Indecisiveness thrives where there are uncertainties, doubts, lack of direction and when a call for action remains cloudy and indiscernible.

For a leader, it manifests greatly in their inability or reluctance to make decisions when there is a call for action. A leader is looked up to for direction, instructions and a clearly marked action point called a decision. When they are slow or unable to stand up to the occasion, their followers are left groping with uncertainties. Indecisiveness is not a leadership style but an exhibition of a behavior of no action resting on time. It is a great weakness that requires

Indecisiveness is a common behavior among many individuals, whether leaders or followers. There are people who are confused about what to wear, eat or go to. They find it difficult to make very basic decisions about the school to place their children or the people to associate with. When confronted with their daily chores, they sit endlessly pretending to be thinking about what to do and they never come up with anything tangible.

When an indecisive leader is approached with a problem or challenge, rather than give a solution s/he will tell you that I need time to think about the issue even when viable options are stirring him/her on their face. When you approach them after some days, they may retort by saying why are you in a hurry. They will keep other people waiting while they revel in doing nothing. Indecisive leaders are time wasters, false hope builders and they have no viable destination to take their followers to. They leave their followers frustrated, angry and unenergized for results and good performance. Indecisive leaders are a nightmare and deserves desertion by anyone who posits to make a difference. Doing business with indecisive leaders lead to regrets because you are always forced to do things at their speed and convenience.Every challenge is a leadership situation. A decisive action is what is required to turn a failure to a success. Don’t be caught in the trap of indecision when you need to act.

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