What is the driving force behind your actions, the things you engage in from time to time? This is one interesting question that generates different responses. When you see a leader make a faultless presentation about their projects and programs, you may be tempted to buy into their plan. But when you ask the simple question about the underlying factor driving their initiative, some quibble, others stammer while a few can speak with the same passion with which they started. This is sometimes because underneath their presentation are layers of their personal interest.

In every endeavor, there must be something in it for everyone to promote engagement and buy-in. If your endeavor serves only your purpose, you will be a loner. A leader is one who trades in the self interest of others, who shows them what is required to achieve it while doing his best to remain satisfied. A leader is not required to stage their self interest against those of their followers or team members. At worst, the leader defines the common interest of a people and works towards achieving them. This is atypical of servant leaders who chose to be selfless through sacrificial commitment while working for the progress and comfort of their people.

Selfless and self-giving leaders are no longer common. The leadership landscape is rather full of leaders pursuing their self-interest and individual agendas. Unfortunately, they make their followers and adherents the ones who labour for the realization of their dreams while these people have no space in the future they are building.

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