Often than not, Leaders are involved in the job of planning, organizing, controlling and supervising the processes involved in producing goods and services through management of a conversion process. A conversion process is a single or a series of activities which successfully turns input into desirable output and outcome.

Every conversion process stand on created structure, system and values that are high enough and sufficient to drive the achievement of set out goals and achievements.
In executing tactical or strategic plans, every item looks excellent on paper until it moves into the realm of operations.

Operational leadership is the reason why initiatives and businesses fail or succeed, never as a result of planning.

There are two major platforms operational leadership focuses attention on, these are manufacturing (products)

and service delivery.

When products and services are delivered to customers efficiently, cash flow and profits are enhanced.

These are the principal factors that can drive down cost and drive up revenue respectively. Driving up revenue includes all efforts that are deployed to increase products and services of value in the market place, excellent customer service, taking advantage of market opportunities and satisfying existing gaps through excellent services.

On the other hand, factors that drives down cost include removal of wastages, increased operational efficiency, lean thinking and value chain mapping, all aimed at eliminating unwarranted cost and improving value


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