a. Labelling. They label others as lazy and they reason while things are not working so that other well-meaning people will not appreciate their overall contributions to their team or organization.

b. Crisis instigation. To protect their interest, they will stimulate crisis and create unconducive environment for high rising team members in order to provoke them to leave so they will not be rewarded when it is due

c. Blocking. Leaders with self-interest create barriers and obstacles to block others from gaining access to where they can find information or curry favour. They channel everything to themselves so they could be the final authority between their subordinates and higher authorities.

d. Obscurity. Self-interest leaders only expose themselves and obscure others so they can be the only shining light in the horizon. By obscuring other individuals, they belief greater attention will be focused on them and they can have the lion share of all available benefits.

e. Promotion of loyalists to water down the influence of competitors. In order to create the impression of fairness, self interest leaders engage in game playing by promoting and exposing their core loyalists who work for their benefits. These individuals are extensions of their interest protection program and they always remain at the background to manipulate their moves for their ultimate benefit.

f. Aggression and hatred towards competitors. A self interest promoting leader knows that the emergence of a worthy competitor will create a counter power block that will neutralize their influence. Consequently, they become aggressive to these perceived individuals and overtly or covertly work for their downfall. Their aggression and hatred maybe subtle and unknown to many, yet they continuously work against the interest of these people to enable them to remain unchallenged in the limelight.

g. Using past failures as instrument of blackmail. A self interest leader will look at your vulnerabilities and use that as constant reminder of what you are incapable of doing. They use this as a projection tool to show to other people your inadequacy and unpreparedness while they cast themselves in the mold of a performer and the ultimate solution to the firm’s crisis

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