a. Be clear about the situation. The leader begins a process of evaluation by outlining the events that have brought them to where they are by isolating the critical issues that brings delays. They must establish if the delay is due to lack of money, approvals, a person, a community, absence of agreement or whatever. Identifying the source of the delay removes the cloud of uncertainty and lack of clarity.

b. Be open about the issues and communicate it to others. Going through a challenge is normal. You are not alone because everyone else does. The difference is how each individual respond. You must share the details of the trending events with your team to create a perspective of what is going on. Hiding things because you don’t want your team members to get discouraged may be counterproductive. In any case, they will get to hear somehow or may nose around by asking questions why progress has suddenly dropped to low level. Sharing information builds trust, inclusiveness, ownership and commitment to finding a common solution.

c. Develop creative solutions to remove the obstacles. There is no problem without a solution. An unsolved problem means the solution is yet to be found, so keep searching and researching. Meet resource persons that can help you overcome and don’t fail to ask questions, seek guidance or direction.

d. Don’t injure yourself and never become a sufferer. When it seems good things happen to everyone but you, don’t become angry with yourself and turn gloomy. Remain calm and never lose your mind. You must clear every pity thought that crops up every time and keep your self-esteem. Remember you are only waiting for your turn and you are not handicapped. Keep your smiles, your personality and refuse to undergo pain because your expectations are yet to arrive. They are on their way and very soon they will arrive at your door step.

e. While you are waiting, do other valuable things. Being patient does not mean inactivity or docility. You are waiting for a door to open, but you must fill your time with other valuable activities. While waiting to get a job for instance, you can take up voluntary services role like offering free teaching and coaching services. You can choose to learn a new skill, or you can creatively use your talent to give value to people around you. Have a basket full of options to chose from and never have a dull moment.

f. Always be grateful for what you have got. Gratitude kills pain that delay brings. The attitude of gratitude means nothing has been lost. Learn to count your blessings, not your loses while waiting. If you look closely, you will find that you have more things to be grateful for than to cry about.

g. Engage in activities that will bring you happiness and freedom. Happiness and freedom are choices you make irrespective of the challenges around you. Make yourself happy by hanging around people who appreciates and respects your gifts and abilities. Do the things that make you happy like going to the movie, exercises, parties, reading, listening to music and travelling. Whatever makes you happy and gives you freedom from pains, make those things your habit. In a short while, the delays will clear, and you can start cruising like never before.

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