Frustration is a bitter pill and I will never wish you to taste it. However, life is an experience and what comes your way sometimes are not the things you wished for. I have experienced frustrations in my life, and I can tell you what it took me effort to come out of it. Living in societies such as ours where, standard of living is very low, insecurity and criminality abounding, lack of job opportunities and financial pressure on families, frustration has become a frequent phenomenon in the lives of many people. People are dissatisfied with the progress they have recorded and are getting angry both at themselves and the society for their unfulfilled needs.

Frustration happens when we try to alter the needs of our lives and we find it difficult or impossible due to factors beyond our control. Other times, it comes from external factors which demean our efforts and make it look like we are ignorant about what success portends. We exert energy but we get no results. We expend our resources and it turns fruitless. We turn to our friends thinking they will understand, and they give us their back side. We get angry because no one feels what we go through. That is the life of a frustrated person. We become emotional as everything and everybody begins to irritate us. Then, we begin to withdraw from others and depression gradually begins to set in.

I have met 5 persons who told me that they are so frustrated, and they think the best way to overcome frustration was suicide. Incidentally, three of these persons are university graduates and the other two are skilled workers with ordinary diploma certificate. One of them confessed that since he knows he will eventually die or get killed, he will take down several other persons before it gets to his turn.

Frustration is real and many individuals going through it are helpless and do not know who to talk to or what else to do. Many young men who went into crime or militancy were compelled because they became frustrated and could not achieve their lofty childhood dreams. Beware who you engage with in a fight. If the person is already frustrated, he will give the fight his all because he has nothing to lose. You may lose everything, including your life.

The person going through frustration suffers the most because s/he is incapable of changing the negative events of their lives. Many frustrated individuals have nothing to leave for. They feel so helpless that they try hiding their inadequacies by taking drugs, going into crimes like armed robbery, prostitution, kidnapping and all kinds of social vices.

There is the feeling of powerlessness and inability to help yourself and this swells up painful pressure in the head of the person going through frustrating moments. When they begin to hurt, they do harm to both themselves and their close pals around them. They infect everyone close by with their gloom, anger, tears and unhealthy attitude as they spread unhappiness around. Frustration is a terrible virus which must be avoided at all cost despite all odds.

People going through frustration require help, both from themselves and other people who loves or cares about them. Frustration must be fixed before it becomes the bomb that will take down the sufferer and those around them.

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