The personality of a leader is often projected by their dressing and dress sense. Observers and followers see the appearance of a leader first before what he/she says. There are three old sayings that has impact on a leader; firstly, “clothes make the man”, secondly “the apparel oft proclaims the man,” and thirdly “a man is known by his dress and address”. These three sayings of old has identified clothing or dressing as a key recognizable feature every leader must be conscious of.

For a start, what is your own philosophy about dressing? I mean what do you consider in choosing your clothing, your wears, appearance and what message do you intend to send out to your admirers and observers. From primeval times, the primary purpose of dressing was to “cover one’s nakedness”. However, this has changed. People now dress to make statements, about their person, candour, style and profession.

A leader must dress to reflect their status, rank and position. In today’s world, your dressing is the first public statement that announces your personality, values, beliefs and style. Consciously as a leader, you must have a dress sense statement which carries a message content. Your dressing makes you look different but the message you carry makes you significant. Your dress sense and message must never be confusing.

The first thought or discussion other people hold about you is your look. I don’t know how much you care about your look, but many people decide if you are the right candidate to hire, someone to befriend or someone to avoid based on your looks alone. You can’t look unkept with bohemian attire and expect some guys to like you. Things don’t work that way. You must work on your look. Be socially responsible, and culturally sensitive. Other people buy into your appearance first before “what you carry”.

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