It is not easy to stand out if you are doing what every other person does. Life thrives on varieties and the evidence of it has been beautifully displayed by nature. You don’t have the same kind of trees, flowers or animals everywhere. You always find different kinds. In their differences, we see different characters, organisations, web of relationships, actions and reactions both at normal times and when threatened.

No matter how profitable or visible a trade or profession has become, you don’t go into it because everyone else is in it. What separates one leader from another is their purpose. The purpose of leadership is the most distinctive line of difference between one person and another. Two or more persons may be engaged in similar activity, but their purpose can never be the same. While some individuals are in pursuit of prestige, popularity, money or happiness, others may be driven by excellence, impact and the need to be significant.

Defining the energy that drives your life and constantly refueling that source will help you attain success faster than following other individuals without a clear destination. Be different with your motivations. Find your purpose and passionately pursue it. Don’t spend the rest of your life imitating someone you don’t know where they are headed.

If you are always bored and having the feeling that something is missing with what you are doing, you are yet to find purpose for your life. Purpose comes with power horse energy that drives you until you achieve your goals. It lightens your pain and makes difficulties look like mere morning exercises. Be different in your work and give your life a new meaning. Make impactful difference a daily commitment. Wherever a difference has taken place, let it be traceable to your effort and actions.

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