Most investors and business leaders are opportunity seekers and takers. The interesting thing about opportunity is that it often comes disguised and it takes someone with unusual calmness and discernment to recognize it. The wheel of success is driven by opportunities. When opportunities exist and are firmly utilized, success happens with the speed of light. A struggling man is one who cannot see opportunity or recognize one when he finds it. Anyone who keeps looking for opportunity in the garbs of a dressed bride will end up in hopeless search. Opportunities are found everywhere wearing the garbs of problems, sickness, poverty, unemployment, failed infrastructure, decay, etc.

The following ways can help you recognize opportunity.

1. Lack. Let’s assume you have just move to a new locality and you are looking for an electrician to help you fix the items in your house. You decided to ask your neighbours because you are new in that part of town. Unfortunately, everyone you asked could not give you the contact of a technician who can help you get it solved.

In utter disappointment, you decided to contact your former technician who lives 10 kilometers away. He came fix the items and left. You were happy and moved on. You are a mentor to some youths, and you couldn’t share your experience with them. That was an opportunity you have glossed over. If you encourage someone to acquire the skill, he will be the service provider in the entire community.

What about household items, schools, shops, etc. The things that are lacking in your locality are disguised opportunities. Lack is an indicator that a gap exists. Once you fill the gap, you have taken advantage of opportunity. Carry out environmental scanning around you and find out the lack and fill it.

2. Problems. Many individuals like running away from problems because they believe that it drains energy and consume time. That is one side of the truth. The other side is that if you find a solution to a problem, you gain instant recognition and reward. Problems are opportunities in disguise. A problem is an oil well waiting to be drilled and harvested. The answer to a problem is a long-awaited response to somebody’s prayers. Be solution oriented and whenever a problem occurs, see opportunity instead. Your reward is tied to the problems you can solve. If you solve more problems, you get more rewards. Therefore, wherever you find a problem, you have just discovered an opportunity waiting to be tapped.

3. Aged inventions. The inventions of today were once answers to the needs of man. Progress is a driver for innovation. There are products or services that have lived with us for so long that requires rework. Innovating on what exist remains an opportunity. The houses we live in, the cars we drive, the food we eat and the books we read are all opportunities because there is a great room for improvement. When you carry out research on these products or services, you will find areas where new features can be added. By so doing, you dictate consumption pattern, meet new needs and create new products for the market. It doesn’t matter whether you are introducing another variant, there is always a segment of the market that is not saturated or waiting to be served. Be the man to fill the gap.

4. New Opening. There are times when a door suddenly opens, and you are the next person in front of it. All you need to do is to walk through the door before it closes. A new opening can happen when a new department is created, and you have the requisite skills to occupy it or when your boss resigns or is elevated. Many times, new openings are unplanned occurrences or circumstances that pitch you before a new challenge or opportunity. Rather than shy away by seeing your inadequacies, see your strengths and seize the opportunity to grow and become more effective

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