How much do you truly know yourself, your emotional strength, feelings, self-control and how much social awareness do you have about other people in your environment? As a leader, you will keep interacting with different people and will always share the same social space with them.

Emotional intelligence has two broad perspectives. The first is your ability to recognize, understand and manage your personal emotions. This deals with your self-awareness about the emotions you go through during happiness, pains, anger, excitement, surprises, attacks, loss or difficult moments.

The second perspective about emotional intelligence is your ability to recognize, understand and influence the emotions of other people who directly or indirectly crosses your path in a positive way. This sometimes make you see things from the perspective of another, place yourself in the position of another or understand the pains and grief that they feel. That is called empathy.

Not everybody in your team will behave like you or share your ideas but you will still be their leader. You need emotional smartness to control your feelings and focus on how to get results in the face of challenges. 

It is normal to react under pressure or when something ugly happens to you. But what kind of reaction do you throw up? How much control do you exercise over your emotions? Do you understand the impact your behavior has on another person when you scream at them or scold them when they perform below your expectation?

Emotional intelligence will thrive if you build on your social skills to help you deal with the challenges that confront you on daily basis. Social skills are the skills or abilities you have developed to help you respond to other people in social gatherings, events, places or environments in a manner that produces, maintains, & enhances positive interpersonal effects. It helps you win people over to your side, manage uncertainties and achieve progress in the face of difficulties.

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