Curiosity is a strong desire to acquire information about what one does not know and understand the drivers. Curiosity is a habit that makes you learn new things, discover the whys and the why not. Your leadership can only thrive if it is driven by the force of curiosity.

When a leader is curious, they first seek to listen to others instead of to be heard, understand others instead of to be understood and use what they learn to drive their relationship with other people. To be curious is to be interested in what many overlooks, to find answers to problems rather than be the problem, to find the light and shine it where there is darkness and to proclaim we did it together instead of individual superiority.

One behavior that is key to driving curiosity in leaders is what we used mostly when we were children, but we decided to drop as we started aging. It is question asking.  Children are always very curious, and they can spend the whole day asking questions. It is the strongest tool we all used in learning when we were growing up. Today, we understand the behavior to mean curiosity quotient. Your success count is traceable to your curiosity quotient.

It is always a big walaha (trouble) spending a time with a child who is highly curious. They will ask you all the questions that come to their minds thinking you have all the answers. Question asking is a creative behavior that must not be stopped no matter who is involved whether children or adults. A leader must promote the culture of question asking and demonstrate the discipline to listen to understand what is being said.

Have you ever interrogated yourself and played with your imagination? Where do you want to be in five years, ten or twenty? What will happen to your team with or without you? What about your family, job and business? You need to explore the different possible scenarios and start planning the future from now. It stems from a curious approach.

Curiosity is the fuel that drives new inventions, products and scientific investigation of what the future holds for mankind. Be bold with your curiosity and explore. Read and experiment. Make discoveries and create a better tomorrow.

By standard of rule, never give an assignment to a man without a curious mind. You will meet the problem where you left it. Give a job to a curious person. You will either meet the job done or more problems created. Be curious with people. Be curious with data. Be curious with why things happen. Be curious with nature- plants, flowers and animals. Then shape your world with what you learnt and let events happen based on your plan.

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