Technology is making what we have always known obsolete. Our formal education acquired in schools and universities are becoming inadequate and, in some cases, irrelevant to modern challenges. Some professions have become endangered with the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The half-life of today’s jobs is getting shorter and new jobs are replacing them. If you don’t have to pass away with these jobs, you need to acquire new skills by committing to a lifetime learning lifestyle. New skill sets are required to deal with emerging jobs. To stay on top of our profession and remain significant, we must make lifetime learning a personal commitment.

To build a lifetime learning culture, a leader must do the following

1. Acquire knowledge to build your capacity. The first person to benefit from a commitment to a lifetime learning lifestyle is you. You become current about advancement in your field and have a general knowledge about why things happen and what can be done to change things. Acquisition of knowledge helps you know what other practitioners in the field are doing and how you can contribute your quota to society. For you to be effective in your leadership, your personal development plan must emphasize lifetime learning on continuous basis.

2. Acquire knowledge to build other people. Being a committed lifetime learner prepares and increases your ability to teach other people. Knowledge utility value increases when it is shared with other people who needs it to advance their lives. If what you know has helped you to become a better person, be kind enough to share it with others. Don’t be selfish with the knowledge that holds the answer to the trauma of other people. Share it and spread joy around until it serves its purpose.

3. Being a lifetime learner enhances your value. People relate to you based on what you know that can help them become better citizens of the society. That is value addition. Once others know that you are empty, they move away from you to those who can help them. That is self-preservation because no one want’s liabilities that will suffocate their lives. To be a lifetime learner is to recognize where your value enrichment comes from. When you expose yourself to written and audio materials from talented and resourceful authorities, you build up your knowledge muscles and increase your significance index.

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