a. Know your limitations. No matter how gifted you are, you have limitations. You can always be good at something, but you can’t be good at everything. The reason other people are around you is to complement you and help you achieve the things you are good at while they supply you the support to achieve the things you are not so good at. They help you stay focused in developing your gift instead of using the gift at primary level (i.e. undeveloped level). If you have a gift, you use can use it any day but if you develop your gift, the result will be more impactful.

Trust people and see in them the virtues lacking in yourself. By so doing, you give them the space required for them to express themselves to make invaluable contributions to your success. You don’t become the best by doing everything that comes your way. You become the best by doing the things you are great at while delegating the rest to other people who are great at doing them. Recognize the strength of others and make them function in those areas. They will produce amazing result to your delight.

b. Look for the best and adopt it. You don’t need to be the best to be a leader. You only need to give the best and watch your efforts create the ripples of action in others. A leader must look beyond himself to find the rule of the best. The rule says whatever is best must be adopted to create the best result for the best of all concerned. Having an eye for the best and adopting it will give you positive results no matter who produced it. Criticizing better ideas and getting intimidated because it didn’t emanate from you makes you a less leader. Always give credit to brilliant ideas and use it to move your team forward. Greatness is in the eye of the beholder and not in the eye of the envious.

c. Stop being a perfectionist. Some leaders try to do everything because they believe that their followers lack the competency to do the things like they would do it. Stop being a lone ranger. Give responsibilities to others and when they mess up, guide them. They might mess up today but become better masters tomorrow. You may succeed in doing everything because you are small. When you become big, you can only do a few things. To be big means trusting other people to do things while you supervise. Don’t kill yourself trying to do all things by yourself.

d. Surround yourself by individuals more intelligent than you. If everybody in your team sees what you see, then that team will die as lone ranger. As a leader, you must be worried if your team members are not telling you what you don’t know. In fact, you should sack members of your team if you are the most intelligent among them and go get others who know much better than you. You are not supposed to be the most brilliant in your team, but you give direction and state the big picture. To achieve it requires the brain power and efforts of your team members who are saddled with the responsibility of delivering set goals.

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