One remarkable law expounded by John C. Maxwell is the law of the lid. The Law says “Leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness” or simply put no organization rises beyond the leadership capability. From the law, the leader’s capacity can be rated on a scale of 1 to 10. Leadership capacity are learned behaviours one person uses to influence another or a group to achieve a set of behaviours they want seen at a given time and place.

Every leader has these set of influential behaviours but at different levels of competency. In hiring business leaders, the focus usually is how to get a leader with a rating of 8 to 10 points. Usually, business owners believe that with that skill set, these individuals will deliver maximally

We have seen several variances of the law of the lid in practice. There are some individuals who scored 8 points or higher but are only able to deliver 3 level leadership. These are individuals who either through academic training or job placement experiences were dubbed to have high skills. During performance, they could not spell a team vision or lift the performance of their team beyond the level they met it. Instead of building a growing team, they brought disorientation, poor performance, low team spirit and confusion.

There are also instances where a talent was rated 4 but in a short while, they gave level 6 type of leadership. Instead of being an operative, they scored higher in leading teams from sub-optimal to optimal performance. They showed character, resilience, growth, coordination and skill in galvanizing others towards a set goal.

What is the difference between the two examples above? They both demonstrated a shift in their leadership capacity or lid. While one shifted negatively, the other shifted positively. What is your leadership capacity rating right now? Will you break if you are given an assignment or will you rise?

When a man is first given a job, you see traces of some action or effectiveness. Some individuals are quick to give them pass rating, but you find that after 3 to 6 months, these persons just buckle. They have reached their lid and until they shift the lid upwards, nothing positive happens. A man who cannot push the lid upwards only occupy space and hinders the growth of the organization or nation. There must be a will to shift the lid upwards if progress must be made.

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