There is no success if there are no measurements of what has been achieved. Success is only deemed to have happened when measurement have been carried out and the result show that agendas had either been moved forward or accomplished. The basis of measurement is simply fickle number, how these changes and the conditions responsible for the change.

Every leader is a responsive fickle number personified. Fickle numbers affect their mood, performance, competency rating, success, value and determines their stay or leave decisions in any organisation.

Success is a derivative of measured fickle numbers. The leader’s first role is to define the kind of number to measure and the impact of the item on their business. This is because what you measure is what grabs your focus and what you focus on gets done. Invariably, what you don’t measure leaves the perimeter of your focus and gets lost forever. Measurement is the key a leader uses to define success and to recognize success whenever it shows up. Without measurement, success cannot be apparently defined. Leaders develop metrics to assess whatever they are doing through a set of key performance indicators (KPI). There are countless KPIs available, but a leader must select those that will help them define success, improve focus and visibility and relevance in the market place.

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