Leadership requires courage to step out, stand out and make bold declarations which sometimes may be contrary to prevailing opinions. This is because great leaders are visionary people. They are agents of change who not only see the future but seek to create it in the present. Great leaders challenge deep rooted beliefs and perspectives and act to change prevailing results.

Awesome results by leaders do not only emanate from good thinking and having a heart for the people but through gut-power Gut power helps the leader to scale barriers, obstacles and stand up to difficulties and surmount them courageously and then go ahead to obtain awesome results. Every leader must overcome fear and the rigors that come with hardship as a way of achieving success.

Guts help leaders to balance what they think (their Head) and what they feel (their Hearts) as it gives them the audacity to execute passionately what comes from these two domains. A leader’s gutsiness is not in a matter of words but an audacious action which facilitates awesome results.

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