It is weird to find many individuals who are involved in various businesses or ventures but innately know that their endeavours would most probably fail or will not give them the break to make them successful, but they do it every day. Why they do it is always a great puzzle, but this is the stark reality facing many individuals. They do the things because they want to be busy so that no one tags them as lazy, but they see no future in their game. That endeavor could be a trade, job, career or their daily hustles.

No wonder many people aren’t successful and satisfied despite the enormous effort expended in what they do. I have talked to many individuals and one question I often pose to them is “what future do you see in your current endeavor in the next five years from now?” You know what, not many speaks with some sense of confidence and certainty. Only a few can tell you where they will be in five years and majority of these persons have a plan they are following.

What is clear is that many individuals do not believe in themselves or in what they do. Some of them think that being busy will result in success no matter what they do. They expect positive result from their jobs, career, businesses and daily routines but lack clear vision of their expectations.

The most important characteristics of successful people is a strong belief in themselves and abilities. When you believe in yourself, you become a fighter and only fighters win battles. Believe, fight and win.

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