The key to predict a leader’s passion is found in merely looking into where his resources flows into. I usually tell young people to have expense pad where they write their daily expenses over time. A careful analysis of the report shows where their passion lies because their resources flow in that direction.

In organisations, the budget (whether monthly or annually) provides insight into where their focus lies. When a man tells you his dreams and passion and spends very little or nothing on them, he is most insincere and lacks focus. No dream can be achieved if the dreamer is thrifty in securing its reality. Dreams thrive when abundance resources are splashed on them. The resources could be a combination of time, money, commitment, academic pursuit, etc. Leaders apply resources directionally in purposes they believe in or those that captivates their attention. The place where expectation meets reality is where resource is poured in as catalyst. Leaders feed in their resource into projects they believe in and speak favourably for their execution. Measure your belief by where you pour your resource. Whenever you believe in a thing, give it all it takes to succeed. Your time, money, connection, industry and unalloyed devotion. Make it your pet and nurture it until it becomes the cynosure of all eyes. Never starve your dream with resource. It will die while other things supported by you will survive. Make a choice of where your resource should flow into.

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