How much do you really value yourself? It is crazy for some persons to base their value on the judgement or assessment of other people just because the person who made the remark is a notable person or a public figure. When the person says you are intelligent, you raise up your head and say, “sure he is right, am intelligent”. When next another person calls you a dumb ass, you go crying saying “he is right, I am good for nothing”.

Your self-worth is how much value you placed on yourself. It has nothing to do with the opinion of any other person. Look at yourself and see the potentials and possibilities packaged therein. Your self-worth does not depend on your previous experiences and life attainments. You deserve more and you will get more. It is only a matter of time.

The biggest tragedy you will ever suffer from is that of low self-worth and/or self-esteem. There will be times in your life where it seems you have failed, and your achievements are crumbling. But that is life and it has nothing to do with your self-worth. That is when your fighting spirit should come up. That is when you should go all out to recover lost grounds. Never allow your life struggles to determine who you are. Always allow who you are to determine what happens to your life struggles.

Keep reassuring yourself of who you truly are. A winner and not a loser. A victor and not a vanquished. A success and not a failure. If you have an eye, let it see your worth, not your worthlessness. If you have friends, let them be those who value you, not those who disrespect you. The world can never see you better than how you see yourself. Your value begins to count when you see yourself valuable.

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