Most people follow but only a few leads. No leader ever rises beyond his/her thinking abilities. In leadership envisioning, thinking is the real work. It is the tool leaders use to convert ideas to initiatives, perform set of actions, transform task to reality and achieve success.

A leader has three biggest leadership touch points that can make them most effective. These three important touch points are:

a. Your Head.  What information gets into your head? Thinking is a deliberate act of engaging the intellect or brains by an individual to produce thoughts or ideas about a defined act, thing, place or events which enables him/her to make sense of, interpret, make conclusions or predictions about past, present and future events/occurrences.

Every person has a head that houses the brains that carry information. The brain is estimated to be 2% of the body weight but it manages 98% of human functions. The brain controls all the organs of the body and they all take instructions from it. It is the brain that gives instruction to anyone on where and when to go, who to see, directions, solutions to problems and human instincts like hunger, sex, fear, fight, run, etc. The brain does this by sending messages in form of electrical and chemical impulses using nerve cells called neurons.

The efficiency of your leadership depends on what you have in your head. If your head is stuffed with sawdust, you cannot provide a leadership that is transformational in nature. You will occupy space and make everyone suffer because you are incapable of processing good information or taking quality decision.

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