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Educational Leadership Mentorship

The Discipline Of Selecting The Right People

Leadership denotes taking action and getting results using highly talented team members. Talent can be defined as anything anyone can do in extraordinary ways beyond the accomplishment of ordinary folks. It is the task of …

Educational Leadership

The discipline of knowing the desired result

Execution leaders must envision the desired end result of change. To get there, goals, objectives, strategies, plans and actions are created. In getting the result, action sequencing is carried out based on priority of what …

Educational Leadership Mentorship

Visibility In Leadership

Many who want to be leaders focus on thewealth, the visibility, the power and the status that comes with the job, thereby making them fall into a horrible end sometimes. Leadership is not about efforts, …

Educational Leadership Mentorship


LEADERS AND MISTAKES Decisions are choices made from limited options with conscious awareness that the chosen path holds benefits when it goes well and difficulties if it does not. For a leader, the fear of …

Educational Leadership Mentorship


THE PRINCIPLE OF EXCEPTION Leadership thrives on the altar of exception and discretion. The principle of exception is based on good judgment, discipline and effective decision making skills. Leaders must avoid the temptation of generalization …

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